At the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, we believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to our purpose, are a fundamental tenant of our work, and are critical to improving the lives of future generations in Southern Arizona. We seek to challenge and change the practices, norms, and structures that create or perpetuate past, present, and future inequities.

We believe that philanthropy is a vehicle to create equity.

Our interactions with all individuals and communities are characterized by humility, respect, and transparency. We know that communities are experts regarding their own needs and solutions, and that it is our role to be an active listener. We invest in developing leadership capacity within all of Southern Arizona’s diverse communities, and we trust that those communities are capable of creating systemic change.

We believe that diversity and inclusion drive innovation.

We courageously confront racism and discrimination, and establish practices that embed our values at the core of who we are. We actively recruit the participation and inclusion of Southern Arizona’s diverse cultural and social groups in all of our activities, at all levels of policy development, and throughout all decision-making processes.

We believe in doing better.

We engage in continuous and intentional self-evaluation throughout all levels of the organization, and we openly solicit feedback from Southern Arizona’s diverse populace. We acknowledge that growth requires change, and we are committed to transformation.