Susan Dodd

Susan Dodd

Her Causes

Susan is clear that philanthropy isn’t just for wealthy people; with good planning and skillful guidance, many can leave a lasting legacy. Her charitable interests include the YMCA and the YMCA Foundation of Southern Arizona, Union of Concerned Scientists, Finca International, Assistance League, World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy. And Susan is passionate about art education, the environment, literacy, peace, bicycle road safety, diversity and conflict resolution.

A retired physical therapist, Susan chooses to get around town by bicycle most of the time in an effort to reduce her personal impact on the environment. She also loves to “swoop and climb with” her bicycle in the hills surrounding Tucson for fitness, health and joy.

Traveling is another of Susan’s passions. She enjoys meeting people from other countries and experiencing both how diverse and how alike she and others are. Susan exchanges smiles, gestures, and Arizona postcards with people she meets during her travels, most of whom do not speak English. She believes exchanges like these among individuals lead to greater understanding, and that collectively, those exchanges can lead to peace among nations.

In her volunteer capacity as a board member of the YMCA Foundation of Southern Arizona, Susan educates others about legacy giving because she believes it is a win-win for both donors and not-for-profit organizations. She encourages people to be insightful and to consider “giving a slice” of their estates to charity.

Her Philanthropic Plan

Susan has designated her favorite organizations as beneficiaries of her retirement accounts and her house. She also created the S. Dodd Watering Seeds Fund at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, which will be funded by a transfer of stock. Introduced to the Foundation by a friend, Susan chose an unrestricted fund because of her wide variety of philanthropic interests and named it to reflect her travel experiences.

The Difference She Makes

Susan’s gift through the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona will significantly impact the people who benefit from funded organizations. “Because I’ve identified the types of charities that I want my fund to benefit when I die, it helps me live with more peace and joy right now because I know that people will be helped,” says Susan. “The Community Foundation allowed me to expand my choices and because of the professionalism, thoughtfulness and caring staff, I have the utmost confidence that the Foundation will carry out my wishes.”

What Inspires You?

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