Julian Babad

Julian Babad

His Causes

Julian and his family benefitted from philanthropy at a young age, and each sibling has been giving back in his or her own way ever since. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri of poor Jewish parents, Julian and his siblings could not have made their way through college without financial assistance from the Jewish Scholarship Loan Foundation of St. Louis, which at the time gave interest-free loans to poor Jewish youth from St. Louis who were of good character and had good grades.

Now called the Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis, the organization has broadened its scope to include all needy youth of good scholastic achievement regardless of ethnic background, in the entire two-state St. Louis metro area. Julian has supported the Scholarship Foundation ever since he paid off his loan, which was soon after graduating. Such loyalty is not unusual. One out of six benefactors of the Foundation was once a beneficiary and 96 percent of the loans are successfully paid off.

Julian’s sister became a nurse and married a medical student who would become a pediatrician. His brother became an anesthesiologist, and Julian, the youngest, enjoyed a 29-year career as a chemical engineer. He worked on many projects related to the production of refined petroleum products, petrochemicals and specialty products, and alternatives to conventional petroleum.

“Education and public support for education can raise whole families of children from poverty to wealth, even within one generation,” says Julian.

Beginning three years after his retirement in 1985, Julian lived and traveled for 17 years in a truck and a fifth wheel trailer, traversing the lower 48 states and southern Canada. He also hiked and tent-camped in Hawaii and explored the pre-Columbian civilizations of Mexico. He has yet to visit Alaska.

His Philanthropic Plan

When he started living part time in Tucson in 1995, Julian sought out the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona to be his eyes and ears into the needs of his new city, an important donor service in his opinion. As a result, he gives through the Foundation in a number of ways, and has learned about the existence of several worthy Tucson-based and Arizona-based charitable organizations whose goals and methodologies match Julian’s interests. Currently, he gives to about 25 charitable organizations—local, national, and, international giving (via select national charities).

Julian set up a scholarship fund and established a legacy gift that will support a variety of smaller community organizations, many of which he learned about when he served on the Foundation’s grants committee. He also supports technology improvements for the Foundation by contributing to the Partners in Philanthropy Fund. There are strategic tax advantages to some of his gifts, including, since 2006, maximizing use of the Charitable IRA Rollover when possible. This has allowed him to give more than he otherwise could.

The Difference He Makes

Traveling via motorhome continues to be part of Julian’s life, but now he also has a small home with no wheels in Tucson. The circle of giving is central in his life; giving and receiving connect Julian in myriad ways to his roots, as well as the vibrant Tucson community he now calls home. The gifts he makes through CFSA are part of that ever-widening circle of caring.

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