Center for Healthy Nonprofits

Nonprofits are at the heart of everything we do.

The Center for Healthy Nonprofits, a program of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, works to strengthen the southern Arizona nonprofit community by offering free and reduced cost capacity building workshops and training for nonprofit professionals and volunteers. It is essential that nonprofit organizations keep up with best practices and find the means to learn new skills and develop their workforce and governing boards as they work to fulfill their missions.

Work in the nonprofit sector presents unique challenges, often stemming from too few resources; our goal is to help fill that resource gap.

While nonprofit professionals and their boards of directors and volunteers share a passion for their organizational mission, very few come to their nonprofit roles with all the knowledge and experience necessary to handle the diversity of roles they must play.

High-quality programs are the key to tackling our challenges.

The Center for Healthy Nonprofits is a community resource for nonprofit leadership and capacity building.  The Center will help strengthen boards of directors and build staff and leadership competency while helping organizations invest in strategic planning and measure their programs for impact. Built upon the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona’s in-depth knowledge of the nonprofit community, the Center focuses on helping those causes improve their ability to manage and govern their charitable organizations.

Ask An Expert

“Ask an Expert,’ the Center’s inaugural training and development program, offers sessions twenty-six times per year on a wide range of relevant topics.

‘Ask an Expert’ sessions provide an opportunity for nonprofit leadership, staff, and volunteers to interact with experts and each other to learn about a wide range of nonprofit topics including fundraising and financial management; diversity, equity, and inclusion; board governance and development; human resources management; and digital marketing and technology.

Click here to see the upcoming schedule of ‘Ask an Expert’ sessions.

Peer-to-Peer Programs

Peer-to-Peer programs build skills and networks for staff and volunteers alike.  Counterpart groups of nonprofit staff such as those responsible for human resources or financial management help each other troubleshoot current issues and benefit from lessons learned in other nonprofits.

To help connect nonprofit board chairs with like-minded peers who can share fresh perspectives and solutions, the Center for Healthy Nonprofits is offering a unique opportunity for current and incoming board chairs in southern Arizona to network and participate in an ongoing Nonprofit Board Chair Roundtable.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Paula at 520-382-5889 or

CEO/ED Survival Series

By tapping into the Community Foundation’s vast resource of professional experience, the Center for Healthy Nonprofits is offering a focused on-going series to support those in similar career stages. The Center’s CEO/ED Survival Series is an 8-session training program designed to give a cohort of newer Executive Directors and CEOs practical information to help them thrive in their positions. This year’s cohort is now closed, but we’ll be announcing how to apply for the next cohort this fall.

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