This year has brought an increased focus on racial justice and the importance of understanding the ways in which we as individuals, groups, and organizations can either uphold or fight against systemic racism and oppression. Many of us know that we need to take steps to be better allies and accomplices and that we need to work together to dismantle oppressive systems and build new and more inclusive culture and communities, but where do we start?

Please join Julie Ragland and John-Peter Wilhite of Ragland & Wilhite Consultants for a 2-part series about integrating IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) into your life and organization. During the sessions, we will present IDEA terms and definitions, discuss how language and communication influences our impact on the world around us, and explore how understanding the concepts of white privilege and white fragility can help us decentralize whiteness for a more diverse and inclusive future.

About the Presenters

Julie Ragland: Julie has been actively engaging with IDEA work through leadership in local non-profit and grassroots communities since 2017. She is committed to helping clients begin or deepen their own IDEA journey in a way that is responsive to their unique needs while drawing from a large body of established work. Julie believes that IDEA work is most effective when approached from both the individual and collective levels, with the goal of building more inclusive community and culture.

Julie has a degree in cultural anthropology and Portuguese from the University of Arizona. Originally from the Chicago area, she has lived in Tucson for more than 25 years, and is also a capoeira martial-arts instructor, visual artist, poet, and dancer.

John-Peter Wilhite: With more than 30 years of nonprofit experience, John-Peter has created, facilitated, and implemented IDEA workshops and trainings for more than 25 of those. Specializing in building strong communication skills, John-Peter is committed to helping clients find the most effective ways to approach their own unique journey towards understanding why a diverse and more inclusive environment creates a stronger workforce and community.

John-Peter has a MA in Communication Studies from Texas State University and a BFA in Fashion and Art from Pratt Institute. He calls Tucson home, having lived there for over 17 years. He gained his work and life experience while living in Indianapolis, New York City, San Francisco (twice), and Austin prior to moving to Tucson.