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Animal Emergency! How To Recognize & Move Forward with Dr. Jen Wilcox 
PLUS – What vets can do remotely for shelter and rescue animals by TeleMed!

Our Presenter

Dr. Jen Wilcox is the Director of Vet Services for Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) in Tucson, AZ. After initially completing PhD in genetics research, Dr. Wilcox was swayed to shelter medicine as a weekend volunteer at a local shelter. She became a DVM in 2008 and advanced to medical director at a small, limited-admission shelter in 2012. She joined PACC in 2014. As the largest, open-admission municipal shelter in Southern Arizona at that time, infectious disease, inadequate sanitation, and overcrowding was rampant. With the introduction of life-saving veterinary intervention, a foster program, and TNR, community support *toward* the PACC facility shifted dramatically. Last year, despite a spike in intake, PACC achieve its highest save rate of 92% with 18.5K annual intake

Today, infectious disease at PACC is treated seriously, but treatments are routine and fatalities rare. Feline ringworm cases are housed in adoption kennels; cases of Canine Parvo and Distemper, Feline Calicivirus and even *FIP* are managed in isolation and/or foster care with high survivorship.

PACC’s medical team manages endocrine emergencies and saves severe trauma cases on a tight budget (emphasis on pain relief). The medical team prides themselves on rehoming highly adoptable geriatric small and large breed animals needing only dental and tumor removal procedures.

In the past year, shelter leadership from around the globe came to see PACC’s busy model of intensive shelter veterinary care and rehabilitation.

Dr. Wilcox, husband Craig, and their 2 kids share their desert home with lotsa dogs, 3 bold cats, and rotating foster animals.