Nonprofit storytelling is a powerful tool to attract and motivate donors, build connections with your community, and ensure your organization remains top of mind. Unlike logic, which is the common “go-to” for most communication, story-driven messaging allows leaders and organizations to cut through the noise and connect with people in a meaningful and memorable way.

Join us for a 2-hour virtual storytelling workshop where we’ll discuss:

  1. Why storytelling and irresistible messaging is the make or break element in determining your results.
  2. The most common story structures and how they can apply to communications.
  3. Techniques you can use to begin deploying storytelling in your organization.

About the Presenter

Ashley Bright is The Message Fixer.

He is passionate about helping visionary nonprofit leaders raise funds for life-changing projects.

He created The IMPACT Speaking Method to empower leaders with skills to increase their influence, attract donors and volunteers, and avoid communication mistakes that cost their organization millions.

HonorHealth, United Way, and the University of Arizona are amongst the many clients who rely on Ashley’s 1:1 remote coaching and group workshops to teach their leaders how to conquer their fears, avoid costly mistakes and ensure they get the money they need to succeed.