Effective fundraising is a numbers game. Yet only 4 in 10 nonprofit professionals say they use data regularly to make decisions. (Source: Hubspot/EveryAction) This means missed opportunities to create sound fundraising strategy, boost revenue, and use the time and energy of your staff wisely. This interactive workshop will look at the latest industry data on what actually works today in grant writing and individual giving programs – and where things are trending over time. Then you’ll learn to create a basic data dashboard that is customized to your fundraising operations. This dashboard will help nonprofit leaders to set more realistic fundraising goals and pursue the right mix of tactics to achieve them.

About Our Presenters:

Claire West is Principal, Claire West – Consulting. The firm delivers non-profit and community-based-organization services for boards and executives. Clients include arts and culture, human services, health, education, faith, environment, and historic preservation.

Claire started her own successful business at the age of 21 and has not stopped innovating since. After working for over 30 years in government, nonprofit management, and small business, as a grantmaker, statewide project manager, business and nonprofit founder, nonprofit fundraiser, and nonprofit advisor, she founded Claire West Consulting in 2014, and partners with top consultants in the field to provide a range of services. Claire serves on five non-profit governance boards and consults with a current portfolio of over a dozen non-profits throughout the nation. Among the services offered is grants consulting, where Claire has successfully raised funds for clients of all sizes and budgets for years.

Laura Ingalls Fuqua is Chief Executive Officer, Abeja Solutions. Abeja is a women-owned small business that helps nonprofits master direct mail fundraising. Donation letter services and fundraising consulting help with retention and upgrading existing donors, and new donor acquisition.

Laura loves helping nonprofits tell their stories in ways that create healthier, more stable funding for their missions. Laura has worked as a professional communicator for 20+ years, leading high-performing nonprofit and corporate marketing teams. She helps organizations focus their messaging, increase brand awareness, and produce positive social change. She is a former senior producer for CNN International and is related to author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Laura has an MS in integrated marketing communications from West Virginia University and a BA in journalism from the University of Arizona.

Brianna Klink de Ruiz is Chief Operating Officer, Abeja Solutions.  Abeja helps nonprofits grow their revenue by developing stronger relationships with their individual donors.

Brianna is passionate about helping nonprofits build sustainable, data-driven fundraising programs. She tunes processes so clients can do more of what works with less stress. A certified nonprofit professional (CNP), Brianna has nearly 20 years of experience in organizational development, multi-media production, and database management. She earned a BA in psychology and drama from the University of Washington.