Do you look around your board table and see bored members staring back at you? Join us for this 90-minute interactive session where we will share some best practices on how to overcome the board boredom, grow your board with the right members, and engage your board in fundraising.  In this workshop, our guest speaker, Jarrett Ransom, will share some of her personal experiences and provide tactical tools and resources to help you better prepare your board, and yourself, for serving your community.

Let’s go beyond the warm body on the board and create advocates for your mission that are eager to engage with their networks, recruit incoming board members, and help you reach your revenue goals. Join Jarrett Ransom and the Center for Healthy Nonprofits on May 9th from 10:30 AM – 12 PM via Zoom.

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About Our Speaker

Jarrett Ransom is known as the Nonprofit Nerd. She began her consulting firm in 2009 and works exclusively with nonprofits. She is passionate about creating community and empowering others to see and exceed their full potential. She currently is serving as Interim Executive Director of Alisa’s Angels Foundation. She wears many hats and under her leadership and guidance, her teams across the nation raise millions of dollars every year to support and sustain their mission. In fact, last year alone she helped to raise $7.5 million for critical missions.

The Rayvan Group has helped create sustainable fundraising strategies for start-ups to multi-million-dollar charitable organizations. As President and CEO of The Rayvan Group, Jarrett consults with nonprofits to help them see the future of their organization. Not just their immediate needs, but several years down the road by providing strategic planning extending 3, 5, 10 years, and beyond. In addition, Jarrett is the co-host of the American Nonprofit Academy’s Nonprofit Show where she brings her dynamic energy and enthusiasm to the weekly show featuring nonprofit thought leaders and topics from around the globe.