CEP Donor Survey Q&A

Donor Perception Survey

Q&A Response for Donor Communication


Ana Tello (AT): What did you learn?

Jennifer Jones (JJ): We learned a lot about where we have improved and how we can continue to improve. For example, we were very excited to learn that overall our donors are more satisfied and more likely to recommend CFSA to others than in our last survey in 2013. In addition, ratings for the extent to which we are having an impact on the community have significantly increased and are now similar to those of a typical community foundation. We also are pleased to know that donors with advised funds love the Donor Portal, an additional software tool we added in 2016. Finally, our donors perceive that we are doing a better job communicating our goals.

AT: How will the results inform the Foundation’s work moving forward?

JJ: There’s an overall recognition that we need to bring more customized services to our work. Not every donor is alike. Not only do their charitable interests differ widely, but they also differ in the amount and type of support they want from CFSA (60% want to remain self-sufficient in their giving). This coming year, we plan to target our communications and outreach based on the types of issues our donors care about. I think this will appeal to the 40% of donors who want some level of support from CFSA.

We continue to work on our visibility, an area many donors commented on in the survey. This past year, we launched a brand identity campaign in the community and are planning another one for the coming year. Finally, we are initiating a staff task force to look at how we can be more responsive to our donors by examining our current policies and procedures for gift and grant processing and our response time for donor inquiries.

AT: What do you want donors to know most about your response to the survey?

JJ: We take their responses seriously. We’ve spent a significant amount of time sharing the survey results with our Board of Trustees, staff and our Development Committee. We’ve formed a Development Task Force and will work to develop next year’s plan with the survey results in mind. I think donors will see a difference in our service level and in the engagement opportunities we offer.