CF Campus

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“Campus” and “co-working” models have long served the private industry. Studies show that businesses in shared spaces greatly improve their effectiveness and efficiency—improvements that translate into better products and services for their customers.

In recent years, nonprofits have begun to explore those same models. Not surprisingly, research confirms parallel improvements, with clients of nonprofits reaping the ultimate benefit.

Data from the 2015 Nonprofit Network, State of the Sector Survey shows that a shared work space leads to:
• An average cost savings of 7% annually
• Increased collaboration for 2 in 3 organizations
• Improved service delivery for 55% of those surveyed
• Heightened “brand awareness” and credibility for 72% of those surveyed

Equally important, the Community Foundation Campus embodies our values. This shared space will help us continue to deliver the highest, most sustainable level of service. It will help us spark new ideas for addressing what matters most to the people we serve. It will fuel partnerships rooted in mutual interests, trust and respect, enriched by diversity and focused on positive and lasting impact in our communities.

Delivering on a promise.

Since 1980, CFSA has been a trusted philanthropic partner, helping hundreds of individuals, families and businesses reach their charitable giving goals. By working with our donors to realize their visions for change, we have, to date, invested more than $160 million in regional nonprofits and schools.

As we sharpen our focus on education, health and well-being, and economic opportunity, we remain committed to connecting donors to causes they care about, helping them make a difference, now and forever.  At the same time, we see the years ahead as a time for innovation and new strategies to address our region’s most pressing challenges.

From unrestricted grants to greater capital investments in Southern Arizona to the establishment of the Community Foundation Campus,  we are delivering on a promise for even greater impact. This is our vision— one improved by age, lifted by hope, and focused on purpose.

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