Exciting News! 

The Connie Hillman Family Foundation has generously offered to match any new contributions to support the African American Legacy Fund. For every two hundred dollars of support we receive, they will contribute one hundred dollars. Click here to donate now!

Together We Can

Founded in 2013 by esteemed educator, philanthropist, and civic leader Dr. Anna Jolivet, Ph.D., the African American Legacy Fund (AALF) works to address the educational and economic disparities faced by African Americans who call Southern Arizona home.

AALF has a vision of what Southern Arizona can be when we bring together people, money, and goodwill to make sure all of our children, youth, and families have the opportunities and resources to prosper.

AALF is working to improve the quality of life for African Americans who live in Southern Arizona by:

  • Strengthening relationships and fostering collaboration among community members, donors, and organizations serving the African American Community
  • Enhancing the capacity of organizations that are working to improve the African American Community
  • Encouraging greater giving from and to the African American Community
  • Funding innovative, collaborative programs that improve the quality of life for Southern Arizonans of African heritage

AALF is led by an advisory board whose members are committed to making an impact in our community, raising funds each year to grant to nonprofit organizations and building an endowment fund to ensure philanthropic dollars are available in perpetuity.

Thank you to our AALF Annual Sponsors! Your support helps make our work possible.


There is no problem that we can’t solve if we corral our resources behind it. That means people. That means money. That means the good will and cooperation of a large segment of people.

— Coretta Scott King