New chair and Vice chair of the African American Legacy Fund.

The African American Legacy Fund (AALF) Announces New Chair and Vice Chair

The African American Legacy Fund (AALF), an initiative of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA), is thrilled to announce that Dr. Shannon Roberts has been appointed as AALF’s new Advisory Board Chair, and Ashley La Russa has been appointed as the Fund’s Vice Chair.

Founded in 2013 by esteemed educator, philanthropist, and civic leader Dr. Anna Jolivet, Ph.D., AALF works to address the educational and economic disparities faced by African Americans who call Southern Arizona home.

Dr. Roberts shared, “It is a privilege to serve as a steward for a community that is generally marginalized and underserved. This is an opportunity to identify and invest critical resources back into the black community to create initiatives that promote equity and equality. My role with AALF is motivated by enhancing the support framework that will empower students, business owners, and entrepreneurs to achieve sustainable successes.” He continued, “I’m most looking forward to engaging the community and raising awareness about our mission and vision for the black community. Through collaborative efforts, we can ensure that black students, businesses, and entrepreneurs have the resources and support they need to thrive.”

Ashley La Russa shared, “The African American Legacy Fund represents generational wealth for African-Americans in Southern Arizona. Over the next year, I’m looking forward to more visibility within our communities; through events, social media, and innovative initiatives.”

Since 2013, the African American Legacy Fund has invested over $275,000 in innovative strategies that support inspiring educational programs and the development of Black and African American leaders and businesses in Southern Arizona.

Learn more about the African American Legacy Fund here.

About Dr. Shannon Roberts
As a Tucson native, Dr. Shannon Roberts brings a wealth of leadership experience and homegrown knowledge of our community. Dr. Roberts has over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, including nine years in a leadership role. When he is not at the Diaper Bank, he enjoys cycling, home improvement projects, and spending time with family, and he definitely knows his way around the kitchen!

About Ashley La Russa
Ashley La Russa founded Roux Events in 2019, an event management company with a primary focus on supporting the growth of organizations and community leaders that foster equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. Ashley is the creator of the largest accessible directory of Black Businesses in Arizona – She serves on the Local First Arizona Business Advisory Council, BIPOC Community Managed Loan Committee, and the African American Legacy Fund Board. Ashley partners with organizations, hotels, and event venues to strategically plan how to serve the community as a whole.