Overview of CFSA campus.

CF Campus Goes Solar

Over the last several months, the Community Foundation Campus has been transformed into a solar powerhouse.

Through the generosity of an anonymous donor and the expertise of Technicians for Sustainability, our Campus rooftops and parking structures are now home to 252 solar panels capable of producing 200,000 kilowatt-hours of energy each year. In addition to increasing the sustainability of our services and directly reducing operating costs for our nonprofit suite tenants, those panels are helping the Community Foundation minimize our environmental impact.

By shifting to solar power, CFSA is preventing more than 410,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and saving over 95,000 gallons of water every year. CFSA has also begun the process of installing four electric vehicle charging stations at the CF Campus. Once installed, electric vehicle owners will be able to change their vehicles using clean solar energy.

CF Campus tenants are already experiencing the benefits of being part of a solar-powered campus. “I greatly appreciate CFSA bringing solar power onto the Campus and the generous donations that made it possible. Every cent and dollar saved helps nonprofits like ours better serve the community,” shared Chris Hanson, Executive Director of The Centurions.

Dawn Bell, Educational Enrichment Foundation’s Executive Director, agrees. She shared, “In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, for the nonprofits that work here at the CF Campus, it’s like receiving a recurring monthly donation that we can invest into our programs.”

To further our environmental efforts, CFSA is launching a new fund – our Environmental Sustainability Impact Fund – that offers people of any level of means the opportunity to combine their resources and support critical environmental work in Southern Arizona.  Click here to learn more about our Environmental Sustainability Impact Fund.