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Center for Healthy Nonprofits Launches Financial Management & Nonprofit Budgeting Series

Sound financial practices are critically important to the success and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. Given the reality of stretched resources, a good understanding of nonprofit financial management is essential to ensure accountability to donors and to deal with uncertainties and fluctuations in funding.

To meet that need, the Center for Healthy Nonprofits
 is launching a new FREE Financial Management & Nonprofit Budgeting Series. Presented by Joan Hubele, MBA, this seven-part course will provide participants with essential financial management tools and knowledge.

Whether you are leading the financial processes or contributing parts to the end products, these courses aim to demystify the process and answer questions about how to make financial management and budgeting less painful and more productive.

Participants who elect to take all 7 courses will receive a certificate in “Financial Management and Budgeting for Nonprofits.” If you choose to take one or more of these individual workshops, you are welcome to attend but will not receive the certificate. All the sessions will be on Zoom.

About Our Presenter:

Joan Hubele, MBA is the owner of Hubele Accounting and Consulting. Joan received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Arizona and majored in Finance and Entrepreneurship. She later returned to the U of A and received her Masters of Business Administration. She has been in the finance and accounting field for twenty years and in the world of nonprofit finance and accounting for the last seven.

Before entering the world of nonprofits, she worked for a variety of companies and industries including big tech, manufacturing, and healthcare. Within the nonprofit field, she has worked with various sizes and types of nonprofits ranging from a very large behavioral health organization all the way to a single-person fundraising organization. She served as the Chief Financial Officer of Our Family Services for five years.

Joan is a native of Tucson and committed to the improvement and sustainability of her community.