Collage of CFSA staff picking vegetables, visiting local nonprofits.

CFSA Visits Arivaca Nonprofits

CFSA’s Community Investments Team (CI Team) toured local nonprofits in Arivaca to learn more about their missions and how CFSA can help support their communities.

Arivaca Action Center’s staff member, Jill, shared her experience with the CI Team stating, “CFSA’s grants last year enabled us to hire an additional teacher assistant and give well deserved pay raises to our exceptional Early Learning Staff. It is a testament to what a small number of dedicated people can accomplish with the support of organizations like CFSA.

Arivaca Nonprofits CFSA Toured:

  • Arivaca Coordinating Council/Arivaca Human Resource Group provides their community with meal delivery services, a thrift store, access to clinical care, and more;
  • Arivaca Community Center works with after school groups and senior groups to provide them with a range of different activities including arts and crafts, movie nights, culinary classes, outdoor recreational activities, and more;
  • Arivaca Community Garden provides fresh produce to a variety of organizations, including rural food banks and hot meal programs. The garden sells produce at several farmers markets, provides free produce to community members in need, and they have onsite training programs for gardening and landscaping;
  • Arivaca Helping Hearts helps residents of the Arivaca area through rough financial times, provides assistance in maintaining the health of Arivaca’s animals, helps with educational needs and to provide emergency assistance with the basic needs of living;
  • Arivaca Action Center is a nonprofit preschool that provides daycare for children.

Learn more about CFSA’s grant programs and opportunities available to Southern Arizona nonprofits here.