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Center for Healthy Nonprofits Offers Four-Part Fundraising Workshop Series

The Center for Healthy Nonprofits is offering a four-part virtual series on Fundraising for Nonprofits that will cover both the basics for beginners and advanced topics for organizations with an interest and the capacity to invest focused resources in advancing their development programs.

CEO’s/Executive Directors, development staff at all levels, and board members/volunteers engaged in fundraising may find one or more of the programs in this series informative and useful.  You need not register for all 4 sessions.

Session 1: “Fundraising and Development in 2021:  Old Truths & New Trends” 

January 7, 2021 | 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

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We have witnessed nonprofit fundraising “trends” through the years that have circled back around to old truths: the critical nature of stewarding donor relationships, the need for unrestricted giving (while acknowledging the compelling opportunity to develop programmatic and capital giving), awareness of the “donor pyramid” and the 80/20 rule.   But at the same time—no one can question that the world changed in 2020 —and so have we.

In this session we will consider some of the time-honored building blocks that contribute to a well-rounded and robust fundraising and development program. We will also examine some of the ways our approaches have and must adapt— from virtual events to public/private partnerships; from the opportunity to lean on support from a handful of major donors while also building online platforms to garner broader support.

The session format will allow us the opportunity to compare notes regarding each of our particular organizational successes, challenges and trends.

Session 2: “FUND DEVELOPMENT ON A SHOESTRING: Jump-Starting Fundraising Efforts When Little Budget is Available” presented by Clyde Kunz

January 21, 2020 | 12 – 1:30 p.m.

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Raising funds for an organization can be challenging enough when there is an established donor database in place, a number of volunteers who are used to helping with fundraising efforts, and a history of fundraising events and activities associated with the nonprofit.  But what to do when those things are missing entirely?  Some more established organizations have relied almost exclusively on one or two funding sources (large government grants, for example) – what happens to them when those sources dry up or scale back significantly?

In this session, we will explore some of the proven and effective ways that nonprofits can get into the fund development game, create a plan for diversification of funding sources, and make those efforts pay off year-upon-year.  This is a session particularly well-suited for founders of newer nonprofits, staff members of smaller nonprofits and those organizations’ board members – we suggest that organizations that send several people to this session will benefit most from it.

Session 3: “Start Planned Giving Now!” presented by Hank Peck

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Session 4: “Nuts and Bolts:  Building a Basic Planned Giving Program” presented by Hank Peck

    • More information to come on January 15!