Buffalo Exchange Honors Two Southern Arizona Artists With $10,000 Arts Award

Tucson, Ariz., (January 6, 2020) — Buffalo Exchange, a family-owned resale fashion store based in Tucson since 1974, will honor Allison Miller and Bryan Falcón as dual recipients of the 2019 Buffalo Exchange Arts Award. They’ll both receive $10,000 to continue their excellent work in the community during a ceremony on January 30th, 2020 at the Community Foundation Campus.

Each year, candidates are selected by two separate panels of experts who are familiar with the Southern Arizona Arts scene. Since 1994, Buffalo Exchange has worked alongside the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona to award almost $240,000 to 24 Southern Arizona artists.

For the 25th round of recipients in 2019, Buffalo Exchange President Kerstin Block and her daughter, Vice President Rebecca Block, are celebrating by offering two awards of $10,000 – one in performing arts and one in visual arts.

“We created the Arts Award because we believe art is essential to the well-being of the community,” says Buffalo Exchange Founder Kerstin Block. “This year, we’re glad for the chance to honor Allison and Bryan, who both have an incredible impact on the local area.”

Buffalo Exchange 2019 Winners - Pics

Allison Miller, a muralist and native of Tucson, has spent much of her career giving back to the community through public art projects. She currently coordinates and facilitates murals that are artistically accessible for community members, allowing young artists and other volunteers to contribute. “A lot of it for me is involving people in creating an identity for their specific space,” says Miller, “whether it’s a park or their jogging path. When people are invested in beautification, they keep it that way.” Having worked on dozens of murals, Miller’s art is a familiar sight and an ode to the unique identity of Tucson.

Bryan Falcón, winner of the performing arts award, is the Artistic and Managing Director of the Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre, a nonprofit he founded with his wife after becoming enamored with the art scene and diverse culture of Tucson. Bryan believes that theater uplifts society by transporting people to places that they would not otherwise go. “We have a chance to step into somebody else’s skin for a little while and try to understand and, hopefully, walk away with some sort of connection to the heart,” says Bryan.

It’s reasons like these that Buffalo Exchange has continued this award for the past 25 years. “Art is not something that humans do when they have nothing else to do,” said Spencer Block. “Art is an essential part of the human condition. It happens everywhere and in all circumstances.”

Click here to learn more about the Buffalo Exchange Fund for the Arts and see a complete list of past recipients.

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A pioneer in resale fashion, Buffalo Exchange is a sustainable business that works to protect the environment by reusing and recycling clothing. Customers buy, sell and trade clothing, giving it a second life and reducing clothing pollution and waste. Since its beginning in 1974, this family-operated company has grown to 51 stores in 20 states. More information about the company can be found on its website, BuffaloExchange.com.