Julie Adams receives the Igor Gorin Memorial Award

Julie Adams

Julie Adams

After 23 years and over $276K the Igor Gorin Memorial Award continues to champion promising young opera singers in the Southwestern Region.

Julie Adams, the most recent recipient is especially grateful for the award.  “This award helps me in many different ways.  First, after I graduate the Adler Fellowship at San Francisco Opera, I am planning on doing an audition tour in Europe, specifically Germany.  With the flight costs, living expenses, pianist fees, coaching fees, etc., the trip is likely to cost around $5,000.  I will also use the funds to help set up a website, purchase flights to/from auditions, and pay for voice lessons and vocal coachings.  Every bit of this money will go towards my career, and will make a very big difference for me.”

When Sheri Greenawald, Director of the San Francisco Opera learned Julie Adams received this year’s $10,000 award she said, “Julie is the real deal!  We have all confidence that she will be going on to much bigger things, so, I know this will be a help.” 

About the Igor Goring Memorial Award: As a world-renowned opera singer, Igor always remembered his own early struggles to survive and launch his career.  His wife established the Igor Gorin Memorial award as a fitting way to honor the memory of her husband.

Since 1993, $2676,300 has been awarded to 42 individual young artists.  Today, the Igor Gorin Memorial Award is one of the most prestigious and generous awards of its kind in the country

Julie Adams/Igor Gorin Press Release

Listen to Julie’s performance recorded at the Preliminary Round in Sydney on 17 September, 2015