Supporting Organizations


Howard V. Moore Foundation

Established through the estate of Howard V. Moore, this Foundation makes qualifying distributions to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona in support of philanthropic purposes.

Melody S. Robidoux Foundation

The Foundation provides grants to a variety of organizations and supports nonprofits with technical assistance in the form of graphic design and production of printed materials.

Nonprofit Loan Fund of Tucson and Southern Arizona

The Nonprofit Loan Fund strengthens the financial capacity of nonprofits by providing loan financing and financial education for nonprofits operating within the Southern Arizona community.

Sycamore Canyon Conservation Foundation

Created by the developer and homebuilders of the Sycamore Canyon master planned community, this Foundation guides the conservation, protection and appreciation of the dedicated 1,100 acres of natural open space in the Sycamore Canyon Preserve.

Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation

The Foundation promotes, encourages and aids the work of benevolent, charitable, hospital, scientific, literacy and educational institutions in Southern Arizona, as well as nationally and internationally.

William Edwin Hall Foundation

This Foundation primarily funds programs for children and youth with a focus on prevention activities that enable them to become healthy and productive adults.

Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona

As a social change organization, the Women’s Foundation is committed to helping women and girls overcome economic, political, gender and social barriers,  improving the status of women and girls in Southern Arizona through donor services, grantmaking, research and advocacy.

Worth & Dot Howard Foundation

Each year, designated Arizona schools, community colleges and other higher learning institutions are invited to participate in the Foundation’s educational scholarship program to benefit their students.

Zuckerman Community Outreach Foundation

Individuals and organizations that promote health and wellness in Southern Arizona and on a national level benefit through this Foundation, which also extends its generosity to creative and artistic endeavors that positively impact the human experience.