Lyons Children’s Refugee Assistance Fund

Phil and Carol Lyons have volunteered with refugee children at Prince Elementary and Amphi Middle School for 10 years.

They have been enormously impressed with the children and the dedication to their education. The children express their parent’s desire to come to America to provide education and safety for their children. Something that we can all understand.

Almost all of the children they have worked with have come from a place of struggle; war, civil unrest, and tribal conflict.

The refugee situation has become worse, being cut from 110,000 admitted refugees in the prior administration to just 45,000 currently. This fiscal year it’s getting even worse, only reaching 25% of the limit. This issue is not meant to be political, but paints a vivid picture of great need.

To address this need Phil and Carol are stepping up to the plate. They have generously agreed to match, on a dollar for dollar basis, donations up to $100,000 to create a fund to address the most urgent needs. Over the past five months they have met multiple agencies in Tucson working with this needy population and have been informed the greatest needs currently are:

  1. Behavioral and health support
  2. K-12 refugee education
  3. Medical case management
  4. Emergency housing and rental support
  5. Citizenship assistance

Phil and Carol plan to review yearly the needs of these organizations, and determine where the funds can be used most effectively. To assist in this determination, they have elected to establish this fund at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

Your donation helps Phil and Carol live up to the words on our Statue of Liberty. The Lyons encourage contributions to this fund, which you can do by clicking the “donate” button to the left.