Scholarships & Awards

We believe a thriving community depends on supporting the educational aspirations of students so that they have every opportunity to become a talented and skilled workforce and future leaders.

Our scholarships are as unique and diverse as the donors who establish them.  Because of their generosity and philanthropic interests, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona can offer our General Scholarship Program, numerous designated scholarships, and corporate scholarships established by businesses.

CFSA General Scholarship Program

Our General Scholarship Program is funded by generous donors who established the following scholarship funds:

  • Gary P. Durrenberger Memorial Scholarship
  • Geneal and Clifton Wilson General Scholarship
  • Jan Tarr Scholarship
  • Janet L. Simek Scholarship
  • John H. and Joan L. Tedford Scholarship
  • Julian Babad Scholarship
  • Margaret and Harold Ingram Scholarship
  • Mrs. Rosa Louise Parks Scholarship
  • Oscar and Eleanor Hosmer Scholarship
  • Ralph and Mary Darling Scholarship
  • Thomas James Kiley and Darcy Ann Kiley Memorial Fund

Read more about the General Scholarship eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Christina-Taylor Green and Daniel Hernandez, Jr. Scholarship

Christina-Taylor Green and Daniel Hernandez, Jr. Scholarship

Worth & Dot Howard Foundation Scholarship Program

To learn more about this program, please contact Alexandra “Alex” Anderson at
(602) 667-5606 or

Read more about the scholarship program and the donors who made it possible.

Corporate Scholarships

Several corporate or business donors have established scholarship funds to support their employees and/or their families.  These include:

  • Splendido Residents Association Scholarship
  • Skyline Country Club Scholarship
  • Pizza Hut Arizona, Inc./Kyte, Inc. Scholarship

Criteria Specific Scholarships

Our donors also have established the following scholarship and memorial funds, which provide scholarships for students attending specific schools or working toward a degree in specific areas of study.  In 2013, we awarded 40 scholarships totaling $150,091.

These scholarships are not open for application through CFSA.  Scholarship announcements are sent to the specific schools. Their scholarship committees then select the recipients based on each individual scholarship criteria.

  • 100 Club of Southern Arizona Samuel Winchester Morey Scholarship
  • Capin Endowed Scholarship
  • Catherine Marie Mortensen Scholarship
  • Dorothy M. Freeman Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Fred Bustamante Memorial Scholarship
  • Fred and Helen Wolfe Music Scholarship
  • Fred Rochlin Creative Arts Scholarship for Graduates of Nogales High School
  • James A. Pearson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Jeanne C. Harry Restricted Endowment Fund
  • Judge Mary Anne Richey Scholarship
  • Lund Wolfe Computer Science Scholarship
  • Maria L. Urquides Scholarship
  • Mary Jane McIntosh Atwood Scholarship
  • Mason Scholarship
  • Mildred F. Mahoney Memorial Fund
  • Montgomery Prize Award
  • Mrs. Rosa Parks Scholarship
  • Pauline Miguel Scholarship
  • Robert Lee Cherry Scholarship
  • Roger and Mary Baxter Scholarship
  • Rotary’s Building the Future Scholarship
  • Roy A. Johnson Organ Scholarship
  • Ryan McCray Memorial Scholarship
  • Scholarship for a Better Future
  • Sean K. Ball Memorial Scholarship in Double Bass
  • Sheryll Erchinger Milo Memorial Scholarship


Awards are established by donors in our community who want to support and recognize outstanding or emerging talent within their specific areas of their interest.  Our donors understand the importance of recognizing what we value as a society, as a way of modeling excellence in a given field and as a way of nurturing those with talent and commitment.  Our award programs shine light on remarkable and talented individuals in human services and the arts.  By honoring their accomplishments, donors pay tribute to our rich and diverse culture in Southern Arizona.  Our award programs include:


If you have already received a scholarship through the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, tell us your story.  Our donors love hearing about how their scholarships are making a difference in your lives.