Tools for Strategic Decision-Making – 6 sessions
May 22 to Jun. 26, 2018  
12:00 pm

Details: This series covers program economics, cost analyses, financial risks and opportunities, scenario planning, growth projections, and collaborations – all tools that support strategic decision-making around overall organizational and program strategies.

The following webinars can be taken as a complete curriculum or individually depending on your interests.

  1. Program Economics – May 22, 2018
    Every program impacts your organization’s bottom line. A clear understanding of each program’s profitability is critical to making informed decisions about, for example, hiring or fundraising. NFF’s program economics model helps nonprofit managers understand how each program contributes to money and mission objectives. Case studies will also help you learn how to use a program economics model toward better financial health and maximum mission impact. You’ll take home NFF’s program economics model to assess your own organization.
    2. Untangling the Multiple Views of Cost – May 29, 2018
    Understanding and managing costs is key to maintaining stability through revenue uncertainties, but it can also be a daunting challenge. We help you untangle the overlapping perspectives on costs, keep an eye out for those often overlooked, and outline steps to calculate the comprehensive cost of programs as well as your whole enterprise. You’ll take home NFF’s customizable cost allocation tool to better understand the cost of mission delivery for fundraising and financial storytelling purposes.
    3. Scenario Planning – June 5, 2018 
    How do you prepare for the unexpected? We will share tools and methods that help you quantify the unknown; assess revenue and expenses variability; identify key triggers or drivers of change; assess and prioritize risks; plan for best- and worst-case scenarios; project the financial impact of strategic decisions over time, and prepare for multiple outcomes. You’ll take home a worksheet to help create and prioritize scenarios and a simple scenario planning tool.
    4. Planning for Growth – June 12, 2018 
    Growth is often seen as the path for scaling and greater mission impact, but it can also pose challenges for an organization if not fully prepared. This webinar outlines common risks associated with growth, how growth can be financed, and what nonprofits can do (and should avoid) when preparing for growth. Take home a budget template for developing multi-year projections that include below-the-line business needs.
    5. Building Long-Term Financial Health to Manage Risk and Leverage Opportunity – June 19, 2018 
    A strong financial base is the foundation of adaptability and your best buffer during times of uncertainty and change. We’ll help you assess your organization’s financial risks and better understand the kinds of resources you need to manage them. We’ll also cover how to build financial strength over time to best support your mission and how to articulate your short- and long-term financial needs. Take home a multi-year budgeting template that includes below-the-line, long-term business needs.
    6. Partnerships & Collaborations – June 26, 2018 
    No nonprofit is an island! All our work occurs within a broad network of funders, other nonprofits, community members, and other stakeholders. Learn how to recognize the conditions for successful collaborations, evaluate alignment, assess prospects, and facilitate productive conversations with potential partners. Take home a partnership assessment worksheet.

Cost: $75 Member | $100 Non-member (per seminar)
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