Quick-Start Guide to the One-Page Grant Proposal: 10 Questions to Jump-Start your Grant Success
Apr. 17, 2018
9:00 – 10:30 am 
Online Webinar

Details: Do you have a good idea you’d like to turn into a grant proposal, but not sure how to start? Come and join veteran grants pro and grantmaker Maryn Boess as she shows you how to turn your good idea into a fundable project concept … by answering 10 simple, all-important questions.

  • You’ll be introduced to the deceptively simple one-page Magic Wand template that’s won grants of $2,000 . . . $30,000 . . . $144,000 . . .  and more . . . for nonprofits like yours
  • You’ll learn the seven questions that bring clarity . . . depth . . . and power . . . to your own best thinking about a successful project or funding need
  • We’ll pull back the curtain on the eight questions that give you “x-ray vision” into the minds of grantmakers, so you can deliver exactly what they really want — every time
  • You’ll learn the one question that helps you quickly zero in on those grantmakers most likely to say an enthusiastic “YES!” to your request for funding
  • You’ll discover six surprising, powerful ways nonprofits have discovered (and you can borrow) to put this Magic Wand to work for the causes they serve
  • Along the way we’ll bust a few grantseeking myths … the Myth of the A+ Proposal, the Myth of the Hard-Working Grantmaker, and the Myth of It’s-Just-Wrong-to-Be-Messy.

BONUS: Writer’s block got you stuck? – Maryn will share a simple, powerful technique for busting through writer’s block and liberating your own creative forces (and those of your team members) to bring forth your very best, clearest, most comprehensive and compelling thinking around your intended grants projects.

Cost: $35 Member | $45 Non-member
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