Online Nonprofit Conference: Nonprofit Technology, Corporate Partnerships, Volunteer Management & Fundraising
Jul. 16, 2018  
10:00 am – 12:45 pm

Details: All 6 sessions will be recorded. Attendees can only attend one session during each workshop time slot. Attendees will receive recordings and materials from all the sessions taking place during the online institute. Continuing education units provided through CFRE. Click on the icon workshops offered above to check out the detailed schedule.

Workshop Block 1 | 10 am – 11 am 

Session Topic: Data Visualization: Using Your Organization’s Secret Weapons To Boost Impact
Description: Almost every nonprofit has two “secret” weapons, so secret that even those on staff might not be fully aware of them. The first is the data that they have packed away in databases and spreadsheets, often collecting virtual dust on their servers. The second is the visual superpowers of their staff members, board members, funders, and clients. By visualizing data in charts, graphs, and maps, you can capitalize on these secret weapons to more effectively evaluate, plan, and fundraise. This workshop will help you learn how to use your data to make a larger impact.

Session Topic: Nonprofit Website Best Practices: Top Ways to Grow Your List and Increase Online Donor & Community Involvement
Description: Having an effective website is key to growing your email list, and increasing community involvement and online donations.  This workshop will cover several best-practices for nonprofit websites – we’ll talk about everything from accessibility to search engine optimization, then do a deep dive into some unique ideas for online fundraising campaigns and email list growth.

Session Topic: Developing Strategic Corporate Parnterships
Description: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often seen as two-way road where both corporations and nonprofits benefit and are well supported – but it is not always. CSR may drive the private sector to partner with nonprofits however, most nonprofits don’t have their own focused model to powerfully respond with their needs supported first andforemost . During this workshop, we will review a strategy model focused on the design of mission advancement, nonprofit partnership advancement makes partnerships about more than money, creating room for what corporations want most and built against what nonprofits need most: impact, outcomes, co-branding, volunteerism, and partnerships.

Workshop Block 2 | 11:45 am – 12:45 pm 

Session Topic: Volunteer Coalitions: Building Blocks for Sustainability
Description: With so many buzzwords and such limited capacity, “sustainability,” “coalition building,” and true “collaboration” are often times put on the back burner. A solid plan for recruiting, engaging and retaining volunteers is just as crucial as an on-boarding and retention plan for staff! During this session, we will explore a few building blocks for sustainability within your volunteer base. Once implemented, these easy lifts have the potential to shift the breadth and depth of your impact and brand recognition!.

Session Topic: How to Drive Impact and Innovation in Your Organization Using Empathy, Experimentation, and Evidence
Description: Participants will understand the importance and benefits of applying Lean Innovation in nonprofit and social impact organizations and how to use the three E’s of Lean Innovation: Empathy, Experimentation, and Evidence. We will complete 4 hands-on and interactive activities where participants will identify a challenge and its impact, practice conducting an empathy interview with a partner, draft empathy questions for their challenge, and identify assumptions of an existing or potential solution. We believe in the democratization of innovation and know that ideas can come from anywhere and anyone, including frontline staff, management, volunteers, to board members. We will present how the Moves The Needle framework and tools can be applied to pursuing any new idea, program, collaboration, or new organization most efficiently and effectively.

Session Topic: How to Launch a FABULOUS #GivingTuesday Campaign with Less Work and More Impact
Description: Giving Tuesday is just a few months away!
Love it or hate it, the truth is that this wildly popular international day of giving and giving back will most certainly generate record amounts of press coverage, website clicks, and donations to charities small and large.

Cost: $25 Members | $50 Non-members
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