Online Nonprofit Conference: Fundraising, Board Governance & Digital Strategy
Jan. 22, 2018
10:00 am – 12:45 pm

Details: Learn from the best nonprofit trainers from the comfort of your home or office. Online nonprofit conference participants can choose one workshop to attend during each time block. All sessions will be recorded. After the conference, attendees will receive recordings and materials from all the sessions. We offer 6.0 continuing education units through CFRE.

Workshop Block 1 | 10 am – 11 am 
Session Topic: Building Youth Leadership for Greater Organizational Efficacy 
Webinar Description: While young people obviously have a huge stake in the future of their communities, they are rarely given meaningful ways to help shape them. Investing in the creation of youth leaders can deepen your organization’s impact and increase your organization’s efficacy while contributing to positive youth development in the communities you serve. Youth leaders can offer fresh insights and added organizational capacity vital to achieving community change and ensuring an organization that is effective and truly responsive to communities. Partnering with youth can help your organization more holistically understand and address the issues and assets of your communities, leading to more sustainable impact.  In this workshop you will hear stories of dynamic organizational youth leadership models and learn innovative and practical strategies for building youth leadership in your organization; including how to meaningfully involve youth in policy advocacy efforts, action research, philanthropy, organizational decision making and more.

Session Topic: Turn your Tired, Unproductive Board Meeting into a Super-Charged Governing Event 
Webinar Description: Peter Drucker, a towering figure in the field of management, said “There is one thing all boards have in common; they do not function.” How many meetings do you think it took for him to reach that conclusion? For many, board meetings are plagued with endless reports about past activities, lengthy attempts to solve operational issues, protracted discussions that fail to lead to a decision, and doing work that should be done in committee. “Because that’s the way we’ve always done it” is often the explanation. Then we wonder why board members become disengaged and quit. Drawing upon his experience as a governance consultant, using real-time audience polling and focusing on storytelling methods,  the session facilitator will provide strategies, techniques and tools that can help turn your ineffective meetings into dynamic governing experiences.

Session Topic: Implementing a Roadmap to Success: How to Use Data + Strategy to Drive your Communications
Webinar Description: Our culture faces an information overload. With a vast amount of channels for sending and receiving communications, organizations must assess data and strategize to successfully break through. Creating a powerful story and an effective communications plan is the best means to move potential donors and partners from empathy to action. Throughout this season, we’ll help you build a roadmap with measurable goals and adjust your route along the way to reach and impact more people. In addition to learning about Google Analytics, email statistics and social media tools like Buffer and Cyfe, participants will leave knowing how to use data in an effective way and real-time indicators to their advantage. Join us to find out the secret behind adjusting your message at a moment’s notice and be on your way to standing out!

Workshop Block 2 | 11:45 am – 12:45 pm 
Session Topic: Multi-Channel Storytelling to Amp Up your Fundraising and Other Campaigns 
Webinar Description: Tasked with developing a fundraising or awareness campaign? Effective storytelling has the power to inspire action. Achieve your goals and increase your success by designing an integrated campaign that is anchored by a powerful story. In this session, you will learn about using multi-channel marketing efforts built around effective storytelling. You’ll receive tips and tools to improve campaign/organizational awareness and improve fundraising efforts or achieve other goals.

Session Topic: High Tech, High Touch: Finding the Balance to Engage Volunteers
Webinar Description: Technological advancements can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to maintaining volunteer engagement. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to balance growth, create a personal touch and work smarter (not harder). Throughout the session, we’ll cover strategic tools that’ll help you dig deeper into the diverse communities that are at your fingertips. After reviewing a variety of apps and programs from a neutral perspective, including some that you may not think apply to volunteer administration, participants will walk away with a strategy for reaching the right volunteers with the skills you desire.

Session Topic: Giving (and Receiving) Feedback
Webinar Description: This is a workshop designed with the latest brain research in mind. How do people hear feedback?  What’s the best way to help people make changes?  What’s the best way to respond when you get feedback?  The training offers an important tip about how to think about feedback and a formula to help you prepare and deliver feedback.  We’ll review a few examples so you can leave the training ready to deal with your own situations.

Cost: $30 Members | $50 Non-members
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