Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals 6-Part Series: The Spectrum of Financing Options
Oct. 10 to Nov. 14, 2017
12:00 – 1:00 pm

Details: This series will provide nonprofit leaders with a deep understanding of what kinds of resources are available to nonprofit organizations now and how they should prepare to access the next wave of resources in the field. From traditional lending to Program Related Investments.

Webinar 1: An Introduction to Debt and Financing for Nonprofits – Oct. 10
Webinar 2: The How and Why of PRIs: A Guide to Program and Mission Related Investments – Oct. 17
Webinar 3: Using Capital for Growth or Change – Oct. 24
Webinar 4: Understanding New Markets Tax Credits – Oct. 31
Webinar 5: The Emergence of Pay for Success Funding – Nov. 7
Webinar 6: Impact Investing: From Conventional to Cutting Edge

Cost:$75 per webinar
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