Managing Conflict Like a Boss is a series of short professional development workshops that provide practical tools for addressing, and ultimately transforming, conflicts – not only in the workplace but also in your personal relationships.

Note that these classes will be held at our beautiful new location at 5049 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85711.

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Class overview and schedule

Wednesday, July 10  |  4 – 6 pm
Awful Conversations
What to do when conflict blows up in your face
When conflict abruptly flares up, people are upset and an immediate response is needed – what do you do? Come find out at this short but extremely helpful workshop.

Wednesday, July 31  |  4 – 6 pm
Awesome Meetings Every Time

This highly informative training is for busy professionals and volunteer leaders who want to run better meetings that are on-topic, focus participants’ attention and get you moving on to the next task in your hectic day.

Wednesday, August 21  |  4 – 6 pm
It IS About Me
Self-Care strategies for handling conflict
Although we’re often told, “don’t take it personally” conflict is a highly personal experience. In this course aimed at managers, learn how you may be inadvertently increasing the stress of conflict in your life, and how self-care can lead to improved conflict outcomes in the workplace.

Wednesday, September 11  |  4 – 6 pm
Conflict GPSHow to stop stalling and start navigating through difficult situations
If you’ve been living with – and avoiding – a persistent conflict you just don’t want to deal with, this workshop will get you started on the road to resolution.

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