FY19 RFP Special Event Grant
RFP Deadline: Apr. 16, 2018

Details:  Tucson has a variety of arts, cultural heritage, and sports-related special events that attract local and non-local participants/audiences. Special events also add to Tucson’s distinctiveness and character, which makes the City better able to attract and retain skilled, creative and knowledgeable workers. The purpose of the Special Events Grant is to increase the capacity of emerging and established special events that build community, develop the local economy and tourism industry, and enrich the quality of life of all residents and visitors.

Completed applications must be sent to CMOApplications@tucsonaz.gov (PDF format) or hand delivered to the following location:

City of Tucson
Economic Initiatives Office (Attention: Mike Czechowski)
255 W. Alameda, 4th Floor, East

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