Buddy Amos Founders Award


George H. “Buddy” Amos, Jr. (1934-1990), a native of Tucson and the owner of Tucson Realty and Trust Co., believed in giving back to the community that he loved so much and imparted that spirit upon his family and those around him.

A natural fundraiser, it was hard for him to turn down requests to spearhead donation drives. He could often be found with other community leaders, “dialing for dollars” in a phone bank at Jim Click’s Automotive Group.

Phil Amos remembered that as time went on, his father was growing increasingly concerned about sustaining the good work the local nonprofits were doing to benefit the community.

“He was afraid that people were getting tired of the calls,” recalled Phil, who was in college at the time.

The answer to the merry-go-round of raising-and-spending-and-raising-and-spending came when Buddy learned about the community foundation model: charitable contributions are pooled to strategically address local needs that one individual cannot solve on his/her own.

In 1980, Buddy, along with James “Jim” Burns, Edward R. Moore, Jim Click, Jr. and F. Grainger Weil, created a community endowment organization that they called the Greater Tucson Area Foundation and laid out a framework for investment.  Today, with more than $145,000,000 in assets and grants totaling over $15,000,000 a year, the organization they started more than 38 years ago has grown beyond their wildest dreams and is facilitating giving, effectively changing lives and creating impact every single day.

On April 292015 to honor his vision and ability to inspire, the Buddy Amos Founders Award was created and given to the Amos Family during the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona’s 35th Anniversary event. Phil and Hank accepted the award on behalf of their father and the entire family.

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2015 Recipient  Phil Amos