Buffalo Exchange Arts Award

This Award encourages creativity and innovation in the arts in Southern Arizona.

It was established by Buffalo Exchange owners Kerstin Block and her late husband, Spencer Block, to encourage creativity, innovation, and excellence in the arts. The focus of the award rotates each year between emerging artists in the performing arts and visual arts, and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the arts through education, organization, and advocacy.

Artists are nominated and selected by two separate panels of experts familiar with the Southern Arizona Arts scene.  Since 1994, almost $200,000 have been awarded through this fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

                                                                                                      Photo credit: Shea Zimmerman

Congratulations to Nathanael Gregory Myers, the recipient of the 2017 Buffalo Exchange Emerging Artist in Performing Arts Award!

Through his art, Nathanael seeks to kindle the notion of conceptual visual poetry. His work transcends a range of artistic practices using the mediums of fine art, dance and music, unveiling a synergy and fostering of cross mediums. He describes his artistic practice as “methodical and laced with romanticism.”  His recent studies have involved the “symbiosis and biological congruence of the human anatomy and the natural environment, anamnesis and the retention of memory,” and “the body’s response to music through movement and audiovisuals.”

Nathanael is a graduate of the University of Arizona, holding a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Two-Dimensional Art. He currently works at Starbucks and the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, and dances with Artifact Dance Project. More about Nathanael’s work can be found at www.nategmyers.com.

Previous Recipients

2016 Visual Arts / Rachael Rios
Nominees: Alejandro Castelar, Alex Jimenez, Lester Aguirre, Tanya Rich and Zoya Reyna

2015 Arts Contribution / Rick Wamer

2014 Performing Arts / Chris Black
Nominees: Geneva Foster Gluck, Katie Haverly, Morgan McKenna, Sergio Mendoza

2013 Visual Arts / Brenna Curry
Nominees: Dirk Arnold, Alexis Chiquete, Brooke Grucella, Josh Schachter

2012 Arts Contribution / Stephen Romaniello

2011 Performing Arts / Ashley Shea Bowman
Nominees:  Jose Luis Baca, Kaia Chesney, Christopher Johnson, Joe Pagac

2010 Visual Arts / Heather Green
Nominees: Kim Largey, Ruben Urrea Moreno, Lisa M. Robinson, Johnathan VanBallenberghe

2009 Arts Contribution / Andrew W. Rush

2008 Performing Arts / Brendan Guy Murphy
Nominees: Simon Donovan, Kimi Eisele, Elizabeth Kruse-Craig, Mark McLemor

2007 Visual Arts / Martin Quintanilla
Nominees: Jill Renee Smith, Matt Cotton, Rosanna Solania, S.J. Gibson

2006 Arts Contribution / Giulio Scalinger

2005 Performing Arts / Beth Braun
Nominees: Faitha Lowe-Bailey, Mary Ann Brehmn

2004 Visual Arts / Gwyneth Scally
Nominees: David Aguirre, Francisco Rodriguez-Maruca

2003 Arts Contribution / Paul Fisher

2002 Performing Arts / Samantha Wyer
Nominees: Leigh Ann Rangel & Tammy Rosen, Michael Walk

2001 Visual Arts / Cristina Cardena
Nominees: Joshua Goldberg, Catherine Nash

2000 Arts Contribution / Carroll Rinehart

1999 Performing Arts / Albert Tucci
Nominees: Melissa Lowe, Korby Myrick

1998 Visual Arts / Daniel Martin Diaz
Nominees: David Brown, Michael Cajero, Margaret Lauderback, David Tineo, Carlos Valenzuela

1997 Arts Contribution / James Griffith

 Performing Arts / Carol McLaughlin
Nominees: Chieko Imada, David Rife, Barbea Williams

1994 Visual Arts / Todd Walker
Nominees: Joshua Goldberg, Barbara Grygutis, Suzanne Knosp, Kevin Osborn

This is a closed nomination process. To learn more, please contact Andrea Carmichael at acarmichael@cfsaz.org or (520)770-0800 Ext. 7129.