Your Community Foundation

CFSA COUPLEaThe primary mission of the Community Foundation is to inspire and support donors like you making a difference, now and forever.

Whether you have a crystal clear concept of what you want to accomplish or an idea that’s just taking shape, our experienced staff can partner with you to structure a gift that turns your inspiration into your legacy.

The Community Foundation offers you:

Personalized Service and Community Knowledge

Whether you have a clear concept of what you want to accomplish through your giving or a new ideas just taking share. Our experienced staff with extensive knowledge of planned giving and community knowledge, partner with you and/or your professional advisor to create a plan that turns your inspiration into a legacy.

Trusted Giving

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona’s Finance department, Investment Committee and Advisors perform due diligence on all contributions and grants and make strategic decisions to ensure strong investment performance to preserve your philanthropic assets and make sure your investments grow and have impact for generations.

Community Leadership

The Community Foundation has more than 38 years of expertise leading community initiatives. From literacy to foster care to animal welfare, our experience as a leader in forming broad collaboration in Southern Arizona can help you achieve impact in your chosen area of interest.