Buffalo Exchange Contribution to the Arts Award Goes to Steve Romaniello

Stephen Romaniello, an instructor of Digital Arts at Pima Community College and seasoned local digital artist and sculptor, is the 2012 Buffalo Exchange Contribution to the Arts Award of $10,000 by the Community Foundation forSouthern Arizona.

Steven Romaniello headshotMr. Romaniello was nominated for the award because of his substantial contributions to the higher understanding of the role of computers in digital arts and the application of such knowledge to classroom curriculum and tutorial projects for students. His resume includes a long list of notable awards, certifications, exhibitions, publications, and guest-speaking events.

The Buffalo Exchange Contribution to the Arts Award, a $10,000 cash award funded by the Buffalo Exchange Fund for the Arts held at Community Foundation, was initiated by Buffalo Exchange founders Kerstin and Spencer Block to encourage creativity, innovation, and excellence in the arts.

Candidates are nominated by friends or colleagues and selected by an anonymous panel of experts who are familiar with the Tucson arts scene. The focus of the award changes from one year to the next, highlighting important Southern Arizona contributors to performance arts, visual arts, or arts contribution and education. Candidates whose contributions fell within the arts contribution and education category were considered for the 2012 award. The Buffalo Exchange Fund for the Arts has awarded more than $160,000 to individuals in the Tucson art community since 1994.

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