Shaaron Kent End of Life 2017-2018 Grant Round

The Shaaron Kent End of Life Grant Round for 2017-2019 is now complete. Shortly, we will be releasing a press release with important information about these grants.  This funding opportunity is scheduled to open again in Spring 2019.

When Shaaron Kent designated in her will that a part of her estate be allocated to hospice programs, a group of volunteers with interest and expertise in end-of-life issues were assembled to help her carry out her wishes. Since 2012, CFSA has granted almost $512,000 from the Shaaron Kent Endowment Fund for education on end-of-life issues and programs providing direct care/services at the end-of-life.

As Baby Boomers enter their third stage of life in Southern Arizona, we have seen and supported the beginnings of a consumer movement that engages individuals and their families, the faith community, health care practitioners and others in advancing end of life care. We want to continue to expand the awareness, understanding, and availability of end of life care, particularly for underserved and vulnerable communities.


Contact Kelly Huber at or by phone (520) 209-2858