MAP Dashboard: Updates and New Features

Since its successful launch in December, the MAP Dashboard Indicators project continues to add and update data with more than 40 new entries across all of its six categories. One of the major sponsors of the MAP, SALC features the easy-to-read graphics and facts at each of its meetings.

There has been a 70-percent increase in new visitors to the MAP Dashboard site, with the average visit including views of 5.5 pages.

A marketing plan is being put together with the University of Arizona, SALC and the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona that will include employer training for staff who will use the MAP Dashboard, a program to push usage and promotion of MAP indicators by government, community groups and the news media, and a public education program to make people – from students to non-profits to company executives – aware of the valuable information available.

A YouTube “how-to” video also is being developed to show site visitors the best ways to find the information they need and to drill down for more details. Additionally, a mobile app is being designed for cell phone and tablet users.

To visit the MAP and sign up to receive updates, go to  Got a question about our community?  Just MAP IT!