MAP Dashboard

MAPPartnership involving the UA, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council has made database resources available as never before.

Southern Arizona residents  have unprecedented access to continually updated, comprehensive economic and lifestyle data — information that will indicate trends and offer comparisons to other communities. The new resource will be an important tool for business leaders, government officials and the public to make more informed decisions regarding economic and quality-of-life choices for their communities.

MAP — or Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona, and referred to as the MAP Dashboard — is a partnership of the UA’s Eller College of Management, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council. The UA’s Eller Economic and Business Research Center has built the MAP Dashboard and will keep the information current.

The MAP Dashboard Project provides the region’s first common set of indicators in a single, easy-to-access source of reliable information. That information is available or for anyone to use. The MAP Dashboard Project was created to measurably improve southern Arizona through data-driven collective civic action and education.

The MAP Dashboard mirrors more than 125 similar projects across the country. The website aggregates the information in a colorful graphic format, allowing visitors to look at communities, counties, Western states and national data for current comparison as well as evaluating trends over time.

“We anticipate the MAP Dashboard Project will be used by community members, organizations and leaders to help identify potential areas of improvement in their community,” said Jennifer Pullen, project manager and analyst for the MAP Dashboard and research economist in the UA’s Eller Economic and Business Research Center. “We’d like to see the entire community use the dashboard to facilitate conversations on where we’ve been and where we should head.”

“We are proud to give this gift to our community and we value our partners in this important project,” said UA President Ann Weaver Hart. “Having this information accessible to everyone gives us the tools to build a successful future for our region.”

Three dozen areas of measurement are grouped into six categories:

  • Education
  • Health and social well-being
  • Infrastructure
  • Quality of place
  • Workforce
  • Demographics

The data will be updated bimonthly. The website also will include periodic in-depth reports on the 25 largest southern Arizona cities. These comparison snapshots will allow users to identify areas in which cities and counties are making progress or falling behind.

“As we work to support local business and encourage new businesses to locate in our region, the MAP Dashboard Project will provide our leadership valuable information to make positive changes in our economy,” said Ron Shoopman, president of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council.

Said Clint Mabie, president and CEO of the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona: “It’s important to have that 360-degree view that we can provide well-paying jobs and a community that helps families thrive through education, culture and our beautiful outdoors.”