A Letter on MAP – Making Action Possible

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For years, our region has lacked “trusted” data to inform us on the progress of key areas that impact us.  Within a few short months, that will change with the launch of MAP (Making Action Possible) – a new Southern Arizona dashboard, powered by the Economic and Business Research Center at UA’s Eller College.

The MAP dashboard is intended to be a community asset with a straight forward goal:  measure progress and inspire action.  Once launched later this year, the MAP dashboard is in your tool kit, providing hard facts that can be used to improve our region.

The MAP dashboard will:
• Put reliable information at your fingertips
• Feature economic, demographic, and social indicators
• Measure progress and inspire action

To get connected, learn more, and “Be the First to Know,” CLICK HERE to sign up for further information as it comes available. Please consider forwarding this email to colleagues, associations, family and friends. For the MAP dashboard to be successful, we need your help in getting the entire community involved, including our many and varied nonprofit groups, elected officials, business leaders and others.

Sincere thanks in advance for your help and support,


Clint Mabie
President & CEO
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

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