50 Scholarships Awarded

(Tucson, Ariz.—Aug. 23, 2011) — Fifty competitive scholarships totaling $103,750 were awarded through the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona in 2011. Scholarships range from $375 for a part-time, two-year program to $3,000 for a full-time four-year program. Students may re-apply each year.

“We were really impressed with the quality of the students this year,” says Evan Mendelson, Vice President of Donor Relations and Program Services. “Our donors don’t necessarily look for students with the most outstanding academic record. They want to support students who demonstrate promise, financial need, the ability to rise above their circumstances, and a drive to succeed.”

Twenty-eight of the scholarships were made possible through the generosity of donors who established scholarship funds at the Foundation, many of which were established to memorialize a loved one. They include:

  • Julian Babad Scholarship Fund
  • Ralph and Mary Darling Scholarship Fund
  • Oscar and Eleanor Hosmer Scholarship Fund
  • Janet L. Simek Scholarship Fund
  • Jan Tarr Scholarship Fund
  • John H. and Joan L. Tedford Scholarship Fund
  • Mrs. Rosa Louise Parks Scholarship Fund
  • Fred Bustamante Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Gary P. Durrenberger Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ryan McCray Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Pauline Miguel Scholarship Fund
  • Sheryll Erchinger Milo Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Maria L. Urquides Scholarship Fund
  • Robert Lee Cherry Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret and Harold Ingram Scholarship Fund
  • Roger and Mary Baxter Scholarship Fund

The Foundation also administers corporate scholarship programs. Splendido Residents Association Scholarships were awarded to 12 students who are employees and/or children of employees of Splendido. Nine scholarships were awarded to employees and/or children of employees of Skyline Country Club, and one scholarship was awarded to an employee of Pizza Hut of Arizona, Inc.